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Hair Color Services

 Our team takes great pride in creating the perfect hair color to compliment both your skin tone and personal style. All color services are ala carte and pricing does NOT include a blow dry/style.

Starting price is $170*
This service is for someone who has never had highlights on their hair and wants highlights from scalp to ends. If you have existing color on your hair there may be an additional charge to lift through the current hair color. A maintenance appointment for this service would typically be a partial foil in 6 – 8 weeks and requiring a full foil retouch every 16 – 18 weeks.

Starting price is $150*
This service is to touch up the root area ONLY of a grown out full foil highlight. This is when you like to see your highlights light and bright to your scalp. This service follows 1 – 2 partial foil highlight retouches to maintain your full foil highlights.

Starting price is $110*
A partial foil retouch covers the top of your head from the front hairline to the back crown and sides. This service is used as a maintenance appointment for a full foil retouch and keeps your highlights bright and to the scalp. After 1 to 2 partial foil retouches you will notice a dark circle at the nape of your head. That area has grown out and needs full highlights to be bright and consistent with the rest of your hair.

Starting price is $375*
Adored Salon offers the ultimate lived in color / balayage technique. Face framing highlights, typically known as the “money piece,” a rooted crown with a touch of dimension gradually getting lighter through the mid length of the hair and an increased intensity of lightness through the ends. Olaplex bond builder is used in the lightening process to ensure the integrity of your hair. Multiple toners are used to help create a seamless blend from the deepest of the rooted look to the brightest blonde ends. Toners are applied close to the cuticle and deliver a ton of conditioning and shine. The maintenance for this service is an Adored Signature partial color in 12 weeks. After this an Adored Signature Lived-In Full Color / Balayage Technique will need to be scheduled for 12 weeks. In between services at 6 weeks it is beneficial to come in for a toner. This maintains your root color and helps to tone down any brassy ends.

Starting price is $275*
This service is to touch up your Adored Signature full color. It can also be used to “ease” into Adored Signature full color. We bring the lightness of the highlights higher up on your head, refresh your face framing highlights, brighten your ends and refresh with toners. We use Olaplex bond builder to maintain the integrity of your hair during the lightening portion of the service. The result is a seamlessly blended rooted to blonde ends look. This service is recommended every 10 – 12 weeks after an Adored Signature full color.

Starting price is $55
This service is to add highlights around your face. We can make it as subtle or strong as you would prefer. Maintenance on face framing highlights depends on your desire to keep it fresh and close to your face. Your hairline is fragile so that must be kept in mind. If you over highlight your hair, it can cause breakage. This service is recommended every 6 – 10 weeks.

Starting price is $75*
This service is for the already “naturally” lighter client who wants to spice up their look. We wash your hair first and apply to wet hair a balayage clay lightener with Olaplex bond builder at the shampoo bowl. We uniquely paint it on selected sections of your hair to achieve the desired outcome of very natural subtle highlights with lighter ends. Typically the highlights will be stronger around your hairline and ends. This is NOT a drastic transformation and typically brings out warmer undertones in your hair’s natural color. Maintenance on a wet balayage is as much or as little as you like. We recommend every 12 – 25 weeks.

Starting price is $110*
This service provides one color applied from scalp to ends. This service is for someone who is choosing to go darker, NOT LIGHTER. It provides rich shades of color and a lot of shine.

Starting price is $75*
This service gets rid of those pesky gray hairs that nobody wants to see! A color retouch covers 1/4 – 1/2” of outgrowth. If your outgrowth is longer then additional time and product are required. This maintenance service is recommended every 4 – 6 weeks.

Starting Price is $110*
This is a color retouch service along with a glaze that covers the mid length of your hair to the ends. It is to refresh dull and colorless ends. It will richen any brunette, spice up a redhead tone down a brassy blonde, or add a bit of warmth to a golden blonde.

Starting price is $50 – $95 and up*
Toners are an essential part of a lightening service. When your hair is being lightened it is pushed to its limit on the ph scale. When hair lifts in color it also lifts in alkalinity which in turn opens up the cuticle. A toner is acidic and closes the cuticle right back to where it should be. A toner also neutralizes unwanted undertones that can rear their ugly head in the lightening process. A toner is done with semi – demi permanent color. It is a glossing conditioning treatment for the hair with pigment. It typically lasts 4 – 6 weeks. You can come in for a toner on its own or in between lightening services. The reason for the price range is if we are toning with one color it will most likely be $50. In the cases where we are mixing multiple toners to create that rooted to bright ends look it will require two or three different colors. That is when the service goes to $95.

*All pricing is a general starting point. Pricing for all color services depends on the thickness and density of your hair.

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Every color service taking three hours or more will require a $100 deposit and must be cancelled 48 hours prior to service to avoid any fees.


Hair Color Service Price
Full Foil Highlights on Virgin Hair $170*
Full Foil Highlights Retouch $150*
Partial Foil Retouch $110*
Adored Signature Full Color $375*
Adored Signature Partial Color $275*
Face Framing Highlights $50*
Wet Balayage $75*
All Over Color $110*
Color Retouch Service $75*
Color Retouch With Ends Refresh $110*
Toners $40-85*

*Price may increase due to the amount of hair you have which will result in a use of more product and the stylist’s time.