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We are so happy that we have now been back for a month!! This month has been about putting the pedal to the metal and getting caught up. I think we all feel like our heads are about to surface above the water. We are loving catching up with everyone.

For Our Ouidad Curly Girls and straight hair clients whose scalps need a little TLC!

We will have the Ouidad Scalp & Hair line this week! This is a great new addition to Ouidad because it is super important to have a healthy scalp in order to have healthy hair and happy curls! This collection was created to be used as targeted treatments or all together. These products will optimize your curl vitality, pattern and growth.

New Ouidad Products for Scalps

There are 4 new products within this line.

    • Heavy Lifting Bubbling Hair Mask – balances your scalp’s natural ph and removes flakes and impurities to promote a healthy scalp (this is a scalp treatment)
    • Ready Set Clean Scalp & Hair Rinse – balances your scalps natural ph and brings curls to life (this is a shampoo)
    • Bye Bye Dry! Soothing + Moisturizing Serum – intense hydration and rebalancing for your scalp to combat flaking and irritation (this is used as a scalp treatment after shampooing and is a leave in serum for your scalp)
    • Bye Bye Breakage! Strengthening + Thickening Serum – a restorative serum that nourishes the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth (this is a scalp treatment and is used 1-2 times a week as a leave in serum)

If you do not have an appointment but need product, please call us at 630-613-9500.

We will package up your order and process your card over the phone. When you arrive in the parking lot give us a call and we’ll bring your product right out to you!

*Thank you for supporting us with your purchases!

Our Ouidad product cards are now switched over to 40% off on your 10th product purchase. We are making this change because the limitations on the number of people in the salon at one time. While this prevents us from fulfilling the Free Deep Treatment offer, we still wanted to give back a perk for purchasing your Ouidad Products with Adored Salon!

Mass Texting is now available to Adored Salon through our scheduling system!

In order to opt in you must text the word RELAX to 630-324-4515. This allows us to text important information regarding Adored Salon, new product updates, possible last minute openings with your stylist and so much more!

A huge thank you to everyone for doing all you can to keep our other clients and team safe at this time. We know the masks are uncomfortable and somewhat of an inconvenience but it is just what we have to do right now to be open. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 💙

We also have a new addition to our outside! An adorable bistro table for you to sit at if you do not want to sit in your car! Take advantage of the summer sun and enjoy the fresh air! We will monitor and maintain the sanitation of this table throughout the day. It is turquoise and can’t be missed once entering our parking lot.

For the holiday, we are closed on Friday, July 3rd, and Saturday, July 4th. We hope you have a great Independence Day!

Thank you for your continued patronage!
The Adored Salon Team