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Jen Selfie

Hey hey!!!
Let’s have fun with this quarantine!!
Yep that’s me after a full week of chaos at the salon.
Trying to figure out how to work with 6ft of social distancing 🤔??
Then coming to terms with the fact that nope that won’t work😭.
Closing and making sure we are in the best place possible to be organized 😬.
Keeping the salon staff calm and keeping an open line of communication with our clients 🙂🙃🙂.
So first pic Andrea and I on FaceTime 💙 laughing at my hair 😂 yep when pushed up it stayed up 🤯.
So finally yesterday I could wash it.
All back under control!

To keep things fun and light send us your gorgeous SELFIES!! Since we are not working we are not taking before and afters.
We need your help!
We would love to see your beautiful faces.
So please get up and treat this like normal.
It is best to keep some kind of schedule.
Get ready for the day. Make yourself look outstanding.
Beautiful hair and lashes can make EVERYTHING seem better.
I promise.
Wear your crown like the jewel it is and show it off!💙👑
Please email or message us your SELFIES! #adoredsalon on Facebook and Instagram!

Jen Today

My beauty advice for quarantine time …..

Whether you’re working from home, schooling from home, housekeeping in your home, or mom-ing in your home, here are a few ideas to keep yourself looking good, feeling good and keeping yourself moving during this time!

For your hair… take the time to stir up a few of your favorite conditioners (we know we all have a cabinet full) comb it through your hair and cover with a plastic shower cap or Jewel bag for about an hour. This s a great way to give your hair a wonderful moisturizing mask while you’re working!

For your skin… this is also a good time to use your favorite deep cleanser for your face. Then a moisturizing mask! I don’t do this enough for myself!! Remind yourself that you’re worth taking the time to exfoliate and revive your skin!

For your mind and body….. many fitness gyms are putting free classes online!! Take advantage of this in your own home. Or pull out that exercise dvd you haven’t done in years, or simply go out for a walk. Moving your body for 30 minutes a day is good for all of us!!

And lastly… get dressed everyday as if your were going out somewhere! Wearing your jeans instead of yoga pants may help from unnecessary snacking (if you know what I mean)!! And connect with someone you haven’t talked to in a while a couple times a week! We all need to be positive and supportive for each other!!

Are your roots in need of a touch up? Please resist the urge to buy box color from the drug store! It could lead to a total disaster! Instead, purchase a temporary root concealer spray or powder. One application will last until your next shampoo. This is a quick and inexpensive trick to camouflage your outgrowth until your next appointment with your stylist.

If you are in a pinch, an alternative to the root concealer product is eye shadow or mascara. There are not as many color options with this, but it does work for basic brown and black shades to cover grey. And once again it’s temporary to get you through until your next appointment at the salon.

If you are blonde and have darker roots. Try a little dry shampoo in your part and around your hairline. It is a white powder and it will help blend and give the illusion of a lighter base.

While staying home use a deep conditioner on your hair twice a week. Shampoo your hair, then towel dry it and apply the deep conditioner. Then let your hair air dry. My favorite deep conditioner is Iles Formula.

For those of you with blonde hair, make sure you keep using your purple shampoo to keep your blonde nice and toned until your next appointment. If you feel like your hair is starting to look really brassy, massage the purple shampoo in and let it sit for 2 – 5 minutes for a stronger toning.

The best way to keep longevity and health in your eyelash extensions is to keep them clean! Eyelashes keep dust, debris, pollen, pollutants, mold spores and all other environmental debris out of our eyes.

Without proper care your eyes are going to feel irritated, itchy and uncomfortable, not to mention they will lose their radiance and look dull and dusty.

Cleaning your eyelashes may not seem like a big need but it really is.

The super team to clean your eyelashes and extensions are: cleanLASH by NovaLash® 3-in-1 conditioner, cleanser and makeup remover pads. The cleanLASH pads are so tightly woven, they swipe over the extensions without causing any damage, leaving clean, fresh, conditioned and radiant extensions.

The mascara wand given after each service: brushing/combing the extensions reduces the potential of tangling and twisting of the longer extensions. If you allow your eyelash extensions to twist and tangle without combing through gently and fluffing them up in the proper position, it will cause tension on the natural lashes and could lead to premature shedding.