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We hear the sentiment often. More than ever before, people have thinning hair that has been completely over processed. Their hair can no longer grow, it splits and breaks at a certain length or their hair grows at an incredibly slow rate. The odds are even if you are patient enough to let it grow, it will never be as long or thick as you would like it to be.

So, how do you acheive all that you want and then some? You add more hair! This is the quickest way to obtain length, volume and a whole lot of confidence. I will share with you the stories of two clients with completely different hair textures and densities. In the end, their needs and wants were the same.


Texture ~ Straight, Fine
Length ~ Medium. Breaks off between chin and shoulder.

In this case, we chose to use Great Lengths hair extensions. To create this seamless blend of color, I added five different shades of blonde combined with two shades of brown. On her own natural hair we touched up her roots with a neutral brown and highlight with a lightener. Once completed she gets a glaze over the highlight with shine to add a bit of pigmentation.


Texture ~ Curly, Very Thick
Length ~ Medium. Breaks of at shoulders. One side is very slow in growth, so is always shorter.

“I always felt self-conscious of my hair, whether it was being in social situations or business meetings for my company. I would always catch myself adjusting my shorter side, that I felt never grew. I hated feeling this way. So much of my life is successful ~ work, life, my health. But my hair was always my nemesis. Now with Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions my hair is natural looking, long and luxurious. I have gained a boost of confidence with every breath I take! My steps are lighter and happier. I tell Jennifer all of the time that she has no idea what she has done for me!”

Her NBR extensions are a custom order for curly hair. I root them so you cannot see where they are attached in your hair. Even on the windiest of days the extensions are undetectable. I lowlighted with two different colors. Next, I toned with three different shades of blonde to achieve the natural flow of color. Her own hair is highlighted and lowlighted, followed with a glaze.

Both of these women changed their lives with hair extensions. If this blog post speaks to you, simply fill out our online consultation or give us a call to come in for a face-to-face consult. We would love for you to be a guest at Adored Salon.

Love always,

Your Hair Girl