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Now through the month of April (2022) when you book a Ouidad Deep Treatment, cut and style you will receive a free Ouidad 12 minute deep treatment to use on your next Ouidad cut and style appointment!

The value of a Ouidad deep treatment is $50 but the real VALUE of a Ouidad deep treatment is STRONGER, Bouncier and healthy curls!


The Deep Treatment enjoys iconic status as a must-have for curls of all types. “Deep Treatment is vital to keeping the hair hydrated and healthy,” says Ouidad, the Queen of Curl herself. “It’s the life line for beautiful curls.” Here’s everything you need to know about our most essential treatment product.

How Does It Work? The twists and turns in a curly hair strand leave its protective cuticle open, allowing moisture and nutrients to escape and making curly hair more fragile. Deep Treatment feeds the hair with moisturizing natural oils (Jojoba, Black Currant Seed), essential proteins, and amino acids to restore manageability and strength. Think of it like CPR for dry, dull, damaged, or lifeless curls.

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