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Spooky Season is upon us and the biggest trend during the spooky season is red or copper hair!

We want to share a couple of our favorite ways to get the most stunning reds this Fall.

For a more impactful and rich copper or red hair we recommend getting a full foil along with a red toner. The highlights from the foil will make the red toner a lot brighter and intense. As far as maintenance goes for a color like this you will need a toner every 4-6 weeks to maintain the red pigment as well as a foil retouch every 8-12 weeks.


Another way you can get stunning red coppery hair is by getting an all over glaze to add in and enhance red tones into the hair.

This option is available to blondes or brunettes but just know this is not a permanent option, it just adds a tint of red into your color. When choosing this option the glaze is customized to your natural level while keeping your goal end result in mind.

Over the span of 6-9 weeks your glaze will fade away.

The main thing to keep in mind when going red is that red hair fades the fastest. With that being said, know that you may be in more often to maintain your new red tone.

red so good its scary