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The best way to keep longevity and health in your eyelash extensions is to keep them clean! Even for your first set!

Eyelashes keep dust, debris, pollen, pollutants, mold spores and all other environmental debris out of our eyes.

Lash extensions add length to your natural lashes so they can collect even more debris. As time goes on, and if you choose to not clean your lashes, build up will develop. Without proper care your eyes are going to feel irritated, itchy and uncomfortable, not to mention they will lose their radiance and look dull and dusty.

NovaLash Lash+Doctor

Just like long hair needs conditioner to keep it from tangling, your lashes need conditioner to add moisture. This keeps them and radiant, resulting in more comfortable lashes and extending the wear-time.

When coming in for your appointment make sure you have removed all make-up. Your extension artist will clean your lashes, but lashes coated with make-up and debris can affect the adhesive and can result in a shorter longevity of the lashes.

In addition, time spent removing make-up and debris takes away from the time from your lash application.

Think of it this way… If you don’t wash, condition, or brush your hair for days your hair would start to develop build up, and become tangled. The same goes for your eyelashes.

Cleaning your eyelashes may not seem like a big need but it really is.

The super team to clean your eyelashes and extensions are: cleanLASH by NovaLash® 3-in-1 conditioner, cleanser and makeup remover pads. The cleanLASH pads are so tightly woven, they swipe over the extensions without causing any damage, leaving clean, fresh, conditioned and radiant extensions.

The mascara wand given after each service: brushing/combing the extensions reduces the potential of tangling and twisting of the longer extensions. If you allow your eyelash extensions to twist and tangle without combing through gently and fluffing them up in the proper position, it will cause tension on the natural lashes and could lead to premature shedding.

To help your lashes meet their full potential: NovaLash Lash+Doctor is a lash and brow growth serum that conditions, strengthens, and promotes healthy hair growth.

It is enhanced with a combination of natural plant extracts, peptides, multi-vitamins and conditioners that nourish the root and visibly accelerates hair growth and slows its loss.

This serum was specifically formulated so it can be used while wearing lash extensions without interfering with the adhesive bond. It is even great for those who don’t wear extensions and who just want healthy luscious lashes!

At the end of the day eyelash extensions are an investment, and just like any investment you want to protect them.