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After the brutal humidity the last few days, let’s talk products!

This product is seriously a fool proof way to block out humidity. That is its main job! To stop the effects of humidity on your hair style and preserve it is long as possible. You could say it almost acts like a mini keratin treatment and who doesn’t want that? Another bonus is that it’s great for all hair types!

When you use this product on top of the Iles Formula Hair Finishing Serum your hair will feel like silk!


Or for you curly girls, use the Curly Dream Coat on top of your Ouidad Rake and Shake to prevent any frizzy curls from the weather in the following days of wearing the style!

As if it couldn’t get better… these products are vegan, cruelty free, no sulfates of parabens, and gluten free!

Come in this this week (July 7th – July 14th, 2021) and save 10% off these products!