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As owner of Adored Salon, I am here to make sure that everything about your visit is perfect. Your decision to visit us is a choice that we deeply appreciate. My staff and I constantly strive to deliver the best services and products available in the Lombard area. If there’s anything that Adored Salon can do to improve your visit, just let me know.

A little about my history with curls…

I have had curly hair my entire life. I have been through bad cuts, perms to get bigger curls (or so they thought), having my hair ‘thinned out’ because it was so big. I have also used MANY products that claimed to control my curls. They weighed my hair down, made it crispy or did not do anything but dry my hair out!

So with that said, when Ouidad came along I thought ‘another product for curly hair.’ I was so skeptical I didn’t try it for a while. Much to my surprise Ouidad was NOT just another product! It was life changing. My hair is controlled and soft without frizz! My hair looks great everyday (most of the time better on the 2nd & 3rd day)!

Now about that curly cut. I’m certified in the Ouidad cutting technique. Over the years I have taken so many classes on “curly” and I have learned so much about curly on my own just in the act of performing the cut on so many different heads of hair with multiple curl patterns. Along the way I have customized the curly cut to what I have found works best.

Every stylist that works with me in my salon has been trained by me how to best cut curly hair. We all work side by side discussing the struggles that clients may have and we come to a solution. We have evolved as stylists and the cut has evolved with the needs of our clients.

I love customizing the cut to the curl patterns within one head. I find it inspiring to be able to share with my clients all the tips of success with the Adored Signature Curly Hair Cut and styling techniques. I still feel that the Ouidad products are the best for curly hair. The Ouidad line is dedicated to all things curly and uses the best ingredients for curly hair.


Then along come hair extensions…

I have been doing hair extensions for over 14 yrs. I have tried many methods for installing and my favorite is the Invisible Bead Method for Hand-Tied hair. It has the strongest foundation and in my opinion is the best for the integrity of the natural hair.

When I started doing Hand-tied extensions I saw a need for great hair. So I created my own line of hair extensions, Adored Signature Hand-Tied Hair Extensions, that we sell to stylists all over the US and currently to 4 other countries internationally. Adored Signature Hand-Tied is the first hair extension company to carry naturally curly hair from the temples in India. We also have 2 other textures beach wave and subtle body. With these extensions I can create the looks that my clients want.

I also educate stylists throughout the US with hands on one-on-one training sessions. And all over the world with my virtual training program for the art of curly extensions.

I have been a stylist for 30 yrs. I can’t even believe that’s possible! But it is. This career has provided so many opportunities and opened doors for me in areas I never dreamed possible. I am grateful for every head of hair I touch and every interaction with each guest.

I can’t wait to meet you on my chair and help you through all of your hair needs.

If I thought I was working hard before…. I was actually sleeping compared to what I am doing now! I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years brings!