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As we age, our hair changes. It happens to everyone.

Why does our hair change?

  • Our bodies lose the necessary vitamins and nutrients that keep our hair thick and healthy.
  • Having children wrecks our hormones
  • Weight fluctuations also have an impact on the nutrients our hair needs.
  • Anyone experiencing stress? Yet another factor in thinning and hair loss.

With as little as one row of extensions, you can have an entirely new look…longer, fuller, healthier looking hair.

With a single row of extensions you can add a ton of volume and a little length.

Our Adored Signature Hand Tied Hair Extensions come in three textures: curly, beach wave and subtle body so matter what your natural texture is we can perfectly match it!

Check out these one row transformations!

Don’t wait any longer to get the hair of your dreams!

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single row hair extensions

single row hair extensions 02

single row hair extensions 03