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It started with wanting to work more hours in the salon I was at then. I needed to find something more than curly hair to fill that time. I chose hair extensions. I have learned several different methods of installing extensions but learned quickly that the Handtied methods were the best. Fewer points of contact on the hair mean less damage.

Once I figured out my favorite method, finding the perfect hair was the only thing that mattered. From there, Adored Signature Hand-tied Hair extensions was created. While there have been many bumps in the road, this career never ceases to amaze me. The places it has taken me have blown my mind, and continue to do so.

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Summary (AI generated):

  • Curly hair and hair extensions with a salon owner. 0:00
    • Jennifer Janish shares her curly hair obsessions and recording habits in her podcast.
    • Salon owner shares her journey to specializing in curly hair extensions after taking over another stylist’s clientele.
  • Hair extensions, salon work, and career goals. 4:05
    • The speaker worked in a salon for a year, servicing clients from their home one day a week while also working in the salon two to three days every other week.
    • The speaker wanted to work in the salon more often but didn’t want to step on the toes of another stylist who specialized in curly hair.
    • Unknown Speaker discusses the popularity of feathered hair extensions in 2009 and their desire to work more days per week to increase income.
    • The speaker gets certified in Great Lengths hair extensions, considered the “Rolls Royce” of hair extensions, to improve their skills and income potential.
    • Unknown Speaker describes the traditional method of installing hair extensions, which can take 6-14 hours and requires tedious work.
    • Unknown Speaker then introduces NBR (Natural Beaded Rose) hair extensions, which take only 2.5 hours to install and offer a more efficient and profitable option for hairstylists.
  • Becoming an extension artist and mindset shift. 12:58
    • Unknown Speaker: My thumb hurt from making extensions, so I want to learn a new method that’s easier on my body.
    • Four stylists, including Unknown Speaker, attended a conference in California to learn a new method of hair extensions, with six weeks of pre-training and three full days of training at the conference.
    • Unknown Speaker: Creating mindset to stop undercharging for toners due to guilt.
  • Hair extensions techniques and quality. 17:03
    • Stylists must work hard to perfect new techniques, as failure is necessary for improvement.
    • Unknown Speaker discusses the complexity of hair extensions, including their global supply chain and cultural significance.
    • Hairdresser discusses challenges with sourcing high-quality hair extensions in India and China.
  • Hair extension processes and challenges. 24:29
    • Unknown Speaker discusses hair extension process, including acid bath and coloring.
    • Unknown Speaker: My Salon tried permed hair extensions from China, but they didn’t work well due to inconsistent texture and lack of blending.
    • Unknown Speaker: The stylist struggled to blend different perm textures, leading to an unnatural look and client dissatisfaction.
  • Hair extensions and business financing. 29:23
    • Unknown Speaker discusses hair extension process in India, highlighting the importance of preserving the cuticle.
    • Jen wires money to supplier for hair extensions, experiences mixed results
    • Unknown Speaker recounts struggles with securing line of credit for business, including bank’s concerns about ownership structure.
  • Running a hair extension business during COVID-19. 36:14
    • Unknown Speaker starts hair extension business, faces challenge of stylists lacking knowledge on how to use the product.
    • Salon owner credits extensions for carrying business through COVID shutdowns in India.
  • Hair extensions issues and finding a reliable supplier. 40:57
    • Supplier issues caused by COVID-19 shutdowns and uncooperative supplier led to $40-65,000 worth of hair being damaged or unsalvageable.
    • Unknown Speaker struggles with supplier in India, facing numerous issues with product quality and communication.
    • Unknown Speaker: Texture matching crucial for hair extensions, 95% of global supply straight.
  • Curly hair extensions and salon business. 48:08
    • The speaker started their hair extension line after recognizing a need for high-quality, naturally curly extensions in the market.
    • The speaker’s extensions are made from soft, flowy Indian hair and are free from chemical perms or steam perms, setting them apart from other brands.
    • Unknown Speaker shares their journey from hobbyist hair stylist to salon owner, highlighting their passion for people and sales.
    • The speaker discusses their experience with in-person and virtual trainings, and their plans to host salons in other states to showcase their product and teach about curly extensions.
    • Host Jennifer Johnson shares her gratitude and excitement for her podcast and social media following, and invites listeners to connect with her.