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I think it’s safe to say we are all ready for warmer weather.

And those of you that are lucky enough to be getting away for Spring Break need to be prepared to protect your hair while in the sun.

Just as you need to protect your skin from sun damage – you need to protect your hair!

We are obsessed with the line of Iles products because of the MANY benefits for the health of your locks.


  • ALL of the products are sulfate, paraben and silicone free. ALL products are water soluble and will not build up on your hair.
  • The shampoo alone prevents breakage because it is a porosity equalizer. It is the root of a sweet potato that does most of this amazing work! Always shampoo twice and let the lather sit on for a couple minutes. This lather will strengthen your hair and equal out the porosity. It will also help to neutralize unwanted brassiness in blondes from it cleansing power!
  • The conditioner seals the cuticle instantly to create strength and shine
  • The finishing serum and curl revive are like “make up” for the hair. Using silk proteins from Silk Worms in Japan and a bunch more luxurious ingredients from around the world, they act as a thermal protectant, UV protectant and a humidity blocker. When used for a blowout your hair will feel like silk and have an unmatchable amount of shine.

These are the statics for your hair when you are using Iles Formula consistently:

  • 100% Repaired
  • 75% Reduction in Frizz
  • 90% Reduction in split ends
  • 25% Thicker feel
  • 85% smoother feel to thick coarse hair


So as you begin to pack for your trip…make sure you have these products in your bags!

When you arrive to your sunny destination BE SURE TO:

  • Coat your hair in conditioner to protect it from damage of sea water or the chemicals used in pools.
  • Secure your hair in braids to prevent tangling.
  • Grab yourself a cute hat to wear – protecting both your face and your hair!

Now go and have some fun in the sun knowing your hair is protected from damage!