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Why Iles and not just any shampoo? Iles shampoo is a porosity equalizer which is the perfect match for curly hair, bleached hair, and hair extensions because they are all extremely porous.

So let’s talk process, first, before you wash your hair be sure to brush out all the tangles.

Next, you want to do two shampoos. Why? Because one shampoo may not remove all the product and residue your hair has accumulated since its last wash.


Start with a clarifying shampoo like our Ouidad Water Works and follow up with a second shampoo using the Iles Formula.


After you shampoo with the Iles and thoroughly rinse apply the Iles deep conditioning mask. Be sure to comb through the conditioner to cover 100% of your hair so it can be accepted equally and do it’s job.

Once you apply the mask leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes.


The last step is to lock in all the conditioning for longer lasting repair by applying Iles Regular Conditioner over the mask.

Iles Conditioner formula is loaded with silk proteins, nut oils, and vitamins like E and B5. Iles formula is amazing for all hair types and especially great on extensions.

Thoroughly rinse your hair and you are ready to style!


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