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I always get asked, “Is it hard to take care of your extensions?” The answer is no, if you follow our take home care sheet step-by-step.

Every single step on our take home sheet is an absolute must if you want your hair and your hair extensions to stay healthy.

In our salon all of our extension clients go home with an Iles Formula set and a deep conditioning mask. The set includes a shampoo, conditioner, and a serum. You must use this on your hair extensions to have your hair guaranteed by our salon. Even if you are using a professional brand at home, we have seen complications with product build up.

Iles formula has gentle ingredients with powerful results. They are paraben-free, cruelty-free, and sulfate-free. These products also contain vitamins B5, E, and silk proteins that will strengthen your own hair and keep your extensions looking brand new!


The first step on the take home care sheet is to brush your hair out before you get in the shower (for straight hair only) if you have naturally curly hair DO NOT brush your hair while dry.

Next, you will shampoo your hair two times with the Iles shampoo. Make sure your are scrubbing in between your wefts and lifting your hair up to make sure you rinsed all the suds out.

Once you’ve shampooed you will apply the Iles conditioner starting at your ends and working your way up to the mid shaft of your hair. While the conditioner is on comb through it with a wide tooth comb and let it sit for 3 to 5 minutes.

Once a week you will apply the Iles mask the same way as the conditioner and let it sit on while your in the shower or longer. When you rinse out the mask you want to use the Iles conditioner to coat the mask and then rinse it out really good.

After your hair is clean, use your wet brush to get the tangles out holding onto the top of your wefts, starting at the bottom and working your way up. It is important to brush all the way to the top of the weft but you do not want to brush over them. This will cause the hair to start looping at the top and no longer be usable!

Once your hair is brushed through, apply a quarter amount the Iles serum and apply all over your hair and blow dry. The serum is very important to put in before you blow dry because it works as a heat protectant.

You must rough dry your hair 85-90% dry and then you can go in and smooth with a round brush. If you are going to use a hot tool on your hair, apply the Iles serum again to protect from the heat. Your iron must never go over 320 degrees or you run the risk of damage!

When you are done styling, spray your hair with the Aquage hairspray and you have a style that will last for days!

When you go to bed split your hair in the back and either do pigtail braids or a rope braid so you do not get tangled or matting in your hair while sleeping.

Hand-tied hair extensions are super easy to take care of if you follow the steps!

One last must is to schedule your raise appointment every 6 to 8 weeks. Some people do not think their hair grows at all in that amount of time but trust me it does. If you go any longer then 8 weeks you run the risk or your hair breaking off, matting with your natural hair and extensions, and potential bald spots depending on how grown out.

In these pictures you can see that the first client did not follow the steps to take care of her hair or come in during the recommended time frame for a raise. This picture is after almost an hour of trying to get the extensions detached from the matting to her natural hair and then half of the side already brushed out.


She ran the risk of losing not just her hair extensions but her own hair, she had multiple bald spots from the hair pulling from being to grown out and spent a considerable amount more than a raise.


The second picture is of an 8 week grow out of a client who followed her take home care step-by-step. She also is an electrician and wears her hair in a pony tail and hard hat everyday! She had no tangles, matting, and no bald spot from being to rough and ripping off the beads.

If you want the hair of your dreams contact us at 630-613-9500 and we will take care of that for you!