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For this week’s podcast, What Is The Secret Sauce To Become A 6 Figure Stylist.

When becoming a hairstylist most do it because they have a knack with hair. Not many stylists start with a business strategy. I will be the first to say it was not taught to me in school. I had to learn it on my own.

I love challenging myself. I love watching numbers grow. I loved producing. That is how I realized I was there to give opportunities with multiple options for my clients. That, my friend, is how I started taking home a six-figure salary as a stylist.

Here are the tried and true techniques that don’t involve social media, e-mail lists or a marketing strategy. It just requires you at 120% behind the chair.


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Today’s podcast is all about curly girl obsessions. 0:00

Selling yourself as a stylist. 4:03

How to get clients. 9:06

How to make your hair look good for less? 13:59

How to upsell your services. 18:19

What are we doing today? 23:23

Setting goals for yourself and achieving them. 28:32

How much does it cost? 35:06

How to treat every engagement as an opportunity. 40:12

How to embrace your curls and make them look amazing. 46:01

How to make money behind the chair. 52:10

How to increase the number of visits? 57:40