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I love sitting down and chatting with industry leaders. Ouidad pioneered curly hair when CURLY was not a thing. We discussed her life, how she started her salon and built her business, and more! Ouidad made curly girls love their manes. She taught the world how to embrace CURLY. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did. Make sure to return next week to hear the second part of her journey.


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Curly hair journey and entrepreneurship with a successful salon owner. 0:00

Immigration, career path, and entrepreneurship. 3:14

Opening a hair salon in NYC with limited resources. 8:46

Curly hair, shaming, and business success. 15:21

Curly hair styling and education. 20:39

Societal beauty standards and embracing natural curls. 25:39

Empowering women in the beauty industry. 29:55

Creating a hair care brand for curly hair. 35:08