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Ouidad cut and style is the way to go!

Curly girls know that the Ouidad cut and style is the best way to make your curls look healthy and full.

We specialize in Ouidad services to ensure our curly-haired clients are able to embrace their natural texture with the most flattering of styles. Curly hair can be absolutely stunning…if cared for properly!

Why is Ouidad different than a regular cut?

  • We utilize the Ouidad “carve and slice” technique to remove bulk depending on your unique curl pattern
  • You will not have any harsh layer lines
  • Gets rid of the “triangle” shape that often happens when a traditional cut is used on curly hair

Couple the Ouidad cut with the perfect products and as a result you will have frizz-free defined curls and a style that will last for days!

Want to know more? Check out the videos on our website!

ouidad videos

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